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Red Sea Forum > MV Orchid
posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: MV Orchid
Has anyone got any info on the Orchid? I'm thinking of booking a trip in August

Advert as lux boat but have been on better. On Orc you have to dismantel gear for fills. However has Nitrox blender on board.
Look at Miss Nouran Diving world/Red Sea Divers. I think there are places on north in aug this year

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: MV Orchid
Hi there,
Yeah I've just been on the Orchid, and I couldn't fault the friendliness of the crew, the quality of the food,the boat but,myself and a few of the other passengers are in the process of putting in complaints to PADI about the behaviour of the diveguide. He has the attitude of "we go where and when I want, at a pace I want and don't dare question me."
One of the girls on board was reduced to tears by him, and by day three we all got together to tell him he had to slow down so we could get to see anything. It appeared that his idea was to get us from point A to point B as quickly as possible. And woe betide anyone who did not fin hard enough to keep up with him.
We found him rude, arrogant and unhelpful. And he refused to give us his PADI number at the end of the holiday(we got it though).
So,in conclusion,good boat,great chef,great crew but,check who the divemaster is,because if it's Hassan El Deriny I'd just get the day boats.